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Monday, April 19, 2010

31 is the new 21

Hey All,

Haven't been posting that many topics, because this blog is broken, I pressed the wrong button awhile back and getting it fixed as we speak. As you can see, my pic and bio are on the bottom of this page as opposed to being on the top right. Today is my birthday- happy about that!

31 is the new 21, or so I think! Before I went to bed last night, I took in the sights and sounds around me, reflecting on lifes journey, which has had many twists and turns, but hey, still alive and kickin'! Saw each and every post from that time to when I awoke to bask in the sun, to get my morning coffee and s'mores pop tarts. I'll take anyone up on their offer for lunch and dinner, haha. Had a little gathering atop the Empire Hotel where I host every Friday this Spring and Summer. Overall, it's like a party on my facebook page!

Speaking of which, please mark your calendars for the big Aries/Taurus, Ronald McDonald House and Children for Hope charities, Red Carpet Runway with various entertainment companies for the celebration. All are welcome to attend!!!

Happy Birthday in advance to you, we all share the same truths and understand the language of love, continue to let it shine bright : )

Thursday, May 13th is the main event at Carnival NYC:

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Info is below. Thank you for your time and see ya soon...

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