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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year. It's 2010 men... Make it count

Have you guys seen Rihanna on the cover of Gentlemen's Quaterly yet? Well, here it is; I must say, when I first saw this nearly nude pic, I had to do a double take. There have been many women not wearing much on GQ covers in the past, but there's something sexy about this that takes the cake. Personally, I like ladies to look innocent, but have that bad side too. Maybe I'll grow out of it one day, so until then, no goody two shoes. LoL. The article is interesting, touching on her new album, plans for 2010 and domestic violence (which is not cool; don't hit women).

Other subjects are:

* The new rules of modern business
* The 18 "friends" who make facebook annoying
* Has the Capital gotten cooler under Obama?
* The style guy, Glenn O'Brien solves your sartorial conundrums
* Must everybody get stoned? You can score pot on twitter
* The ten best movies of the year you should have seen in 2009

After many years of being the go to mag for men, they're still #1 and I see why. Log onto: GQ.com

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